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 Who Does Earthdog?

Why? And, When?

Submitted by Ginger Hawkins

In the last several days I’ve been asked the above questions and, to my dismay, I found I really had no substantive answers. The questions came about as we were discussing the last earthdog event put on by the Atlanta Terrier Club. That event lost money. A rather serious situation for a small organization. Low entries, lack of interest and participation from surrounding areas plus difficulty in locating members able-bodied enough to prepare and maintain the site has led to likely cancellation of the 2017 event.

The first question, posed by an events chair was “Who does earthdog?” In my most knowledgeable voice, I responded that while I personally don’t do earthdog, Paul Hulsing and Jan Robison have been engaging for years with dogs from our breeding. Our breed is Border Terriers. The next question was “So, are Borders the only terrier breed that participates in earthdog?”