Alabamaearthdog Tests Completed Sunday Nov 12, 2017
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 The 2017 Alabamaearthdog Trial started on Friday Nov 10th with an afternoon of supervised practice for all classes followed on Sat and Sunday by three AKC earthdog events and ended at noon Sunday the 12th .   

  The weather was terrific, considering the recent decrease in earthdog entries across the country, the entries were  plentiful, the handlers were from all extremes in age, geography, and earthdog experience, and some excellent and  exciting earthdog work was observed. 

 The judges were superb in their evaluation of the performances and where appropriate gave the handlers good advice, especially during the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday afternoon.   

 Alongside the serious dog work, opportunities for socializing and fun were plentiful and included visiting with old and new friends, Carolyn Peake's Brunswick Stew at Saturday noon was excellent as was a good cup of coffee available throughout. The excellent facilities of the Escambia Equestrian Center enhanced both socializing and the serious work of the dogs.

    Many thanks to all our entrants and to the many volunteers that made this a smooth running and enjoyable time

   Complete Report With  Results to follow later.